Monday, 3 November 2014

How to share files between Host and Guest Operating System In VMware

How To Share Files between Host And Guest Operating System in VMware

     Hi guys,
     I am going to describe how to share files and folders between guest and host operating system in
     vmware player.

     Step 1:

     Open VMware player and Right Click on name of the guest operating system in left pane
      and select setting. A new window will appear click on the 'option' at the top and select 
      shared folders.In the left pane select 'always enabled' and add the folder by just browsing it.


    Step 2:

    Now power on the Guest operating system. From the menu at the top click 'VM' and select 'Install VMware tools'.In few seconds VMware tools will be installed. Now click on this PC and double Click the DVD Drive icon.


   Step 3:

   Now go through the general Installation process.


    Step 4:

    After the installation is complete restart the guest operating system.Open File Explore, select network and double click  the 'vmare- host' icon. Double click the shared folder and you will get your shared directories here.


   Enjoy it..

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